Do you guys think Chris Kent will come back?

#1 Posted by Eternal19 (2178 posts) - - Show Bio

do you think will DC introduce Chris Kent into the New 52 and some of the other kryptonians like Jax-ur that have been erased from continuity. I kinda want him to come back

#2 Posted by Icarusflies (12762 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it would be great if they did, but I seriously doubt they will.

#3 Posted by The_Tree (8515 posts) - - Show Bio

Hopefully he comes back, along with Thara Ak-Var. I really loved that whole relationship and its connection to the Nightwing and Flamebird entities.

#4 Posted by colonyofcells (2039 posts) - - Show Bio

The memos from above are mostly erasing children and few characters have been allowed to have children. For the rebooted Kandor, maybe it will have rebooted Van Zee and rebooted Ak Var also.

#5 Posted by Skewer (348 posts) - - Show Bio

I really enjoyed superman last son and I would like for him and the Phantom zone criminals to return.

#6 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23390 posts) - - Show Bio

No. Younger, douchier Superman in the New 52. Ergo, no son.

#7 Posted by TDK_1997 (15894 posts) - - Show Bio

He was awesome.I would love to see him again.

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