Did superman die?

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I see alot people saying Doomsday kill sups, and I know the comic is "the death of superman" but did he die or he was in a coma?

I'm dont want your opinion; I want the facs, coma or death?( I never read the comic I just know abotu the story)

Has superman ever died?

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@sama_el: it was Doomsday who killed Superman

it's debatable....the excuse for his return was that as a Kryptonian he was able to go into a coma that looked like death but what happened was that his vital signs slowed to a crawl while his body was healing...so he didn't really die....but at the same time all that was happening John Kent had a heart attack and had a near death experience where he ran into Clark being tricked by demons into going with them into....hell? maybe...and convinced him to come back with him to the land of the living

I'm not sure if it's ever been said if Clark remembers meeting John or not so it could have been a death dream

but here's the thing....Clark said he died....other characters have said he died....he was transformed into a Black Lantern during Blackest Night and that could have only happened if he had actually died...so yes he died

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That coma thing is something they made up later on. There's an issue after his return where Dr. Occult tells him that he returned thanks to a series of different factors, next time he dies he'll probably stay dead.

@danhimself: I personally always thought Pa Kent's experience was legit since he met beings he didn't actually know in person (or didn't know at all) such as Blaze, Kismet and the Cleric.

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@smashbrawler: yeah same here...I just threw in the possibility of it being a dream because I figured that someone would probably come in here and say that anyway

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@danhimself: Yep, they kinda kept it ambiguous, probably to avoid any kind of religious backlash.

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Yes and No...

Superman's biology in the yellow star light caused his body to not "technically die" but he did separate his body and spirit from each other during this time...When he was "revived" he tore through the "veil of death" which allowed others to get through which ultimately culminated in Darkest Night... which raises the question...why didn't people freak out about the Green Lanterns recently doing the same thing which theoretically should have broken life and death now >.>

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Didn't (the Eradicator ???) mentioned conditionals were optimal but not likely repeatable or something? But as per Blackest night, Superman must have died, even Conner came back from being a skeleton.

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@danhimself: Yeah I know dude, in my contry they translate doomsday to apocalypse D: sometimes i make this "mistakes" thx foir point that out

@durakken so they did a freaking mess basicaly? like his soul die but not his body?(whhaaatyyyy???)

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he spoke to his dead father. He left his body. He also needed the regeneration matrix to come back, it's not like he just healed himself and awoke. Honestly you would be better wiki-ing this if you want the actual break down.

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He pretty much Astral Projected into the after life while his body went into hibernation.

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@sama_el: the coma never happened he died and came back.

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He died, then writers wanted him back and made up a random explanation, but after the fight with doomsday he -was- atleat for a while, dead.

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Thx all for the answers i already understand what happen, its thread can be close already (i dont know who could do it D:)

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