DCnU and the Superman Curse

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Very interesting, cool blog.

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Thanks azza, I really began to wonder about DCnU coinciding with the shift to digital comics, the copyright battle, the character at the centre of it all, and how changing Superman changes everything. More importantly, I wondered if there's something about heroism that exists somewhere between the on-panel fiction and the 4th wall.

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Damn....Very interesting friend

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Thanks Primmaster!

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Wow. That was pretty....disturbing, and at the same time, intriguing. I actually plan on sending a letter to the courthouse where the legal battle is taking place, with instructions to have it read aloud to both parties. I want to try and make an effort to end this thing once and for all. Who knows, maybe if it works, it'll lift the curse...

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Yeah, I was thinking of it less as a literal 'curse' that's out there (although there is one out there - and it is related to Superman's copyright) and more like the real values and basic truths that Superman stands for. There is so much money at stake that the parties involved are not going to back down to protect those higher values. They are going to keep going to court as long as they can. But I'm curious to see if everything Superman symbolizes at his best will somehow transcend the craziness inspired by putting a pricetag on his popularity. If you think about the DCnU likely being the product of DC's desperate attempt to keep control of Superman, you see the lengths to which they are willing to go to protect their interests inside and outside the fictional universe. I bet you they will keep the DCnU going as long as the Superman case is up in the air - til 2013 or later. That's because the nU Superman could be refashioned (maybe) into a DC-owned product no matter what the outcome of the court cases.

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Take a look at my letter. I'd like your opinion on it. It's in the post labeled "Should I Send This? Part Deux".

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