Could Metahumans Be Kryptonian Descendants?

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This question came to me when I saw the new Man of Steel movie. There was a scene in the movie that talked about Kryptonians being on earth 20,000 year ago. At 1st I was like this is stupid, but then I thought about it and figured actually that would make since. If DC wanted to go there if they haven't already. They could suggest that Kryptoians are the reason why metahumans like The Flash, exist.

Think about it, Kryptonians came to earth and mated with some of the 1st humans. This caused a change in DNA that added the potential for a Meta Gene to exist. Going further you can say that the Meta gene being activated by different methods caused alternate powers. Basically because of how the flashes power were activated, instead of receiving all the powers of a Kryptonians he just got one, "SPEED."

Well it's just a theory. I'd like to hear some of you Superman pros speak on this subject. What are your thoughts on this?

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well according to the precuel comic, Kara Zor-El crash landed on earth 20.000 years prior to the MoS. So Kara might be the common ancestor to the metahumans you are talking about. Though I prefer the flash has the same origin in comics, than having a kryptonien heritage

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No... That's not how things work v.v

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That's just silly

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I thought you meant in the comics. Gonna say White Martians changed the human race so only a few would evolve powers. So they would not all end up with power level such as the Kryptonians.

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Most of the stories ive read had an explanation on how they got their powers. Which I prefer makes them all different. Your idea is a different take though, interesting reminds me of that what if story where all the men died out except superman and he had to repopulate the earth.

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Yeah, The point is to say that it would be an interesting story arch. Doesn't change the hero. Basically imagine if it was suggested that greek myths of Gods were actually Kryptonians. Hercules being one of the 1st half human, half Krytonian but mankind saw them all as godlike. Would explain wonder woman.

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@supreme_marvel: Remember this would be 20,000 years for gene work. Plus like I mention Greek Mythology would be a good example of how the story arch would work.

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@mr24: White Martians were around then.

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Totally think you are on to something here. Jor-El's line 'he'll be a god to them' hints at that too. They also built in a reason why they, especially the native Kryptonians, would leave. The sensory powers are uncomfortable. Maybe most left before the full cool range of powers developed (flight). But, if they mated while here, those hybrids would have less incentive to go back to Krypton (a world they never knew) or maybe the hybrids were shunned. The hybrids then became the basis of ancient mythology. Love ur idea and I'd bet money the amazons and atlanteans will be hybrids.

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The other nugget is, why did the kryptonians harvest their core? I believe it was said that they drained their energy resources...Were they attacked? The outposts certainly looked as though they had been (corpses holding guns). It'd be awesome if they had held off Darkseid.

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There was a rumour before MoS came out that the Amazons were Kryptonian decendants; I suppose that is possible. I'd rather not all other metas be Kryptonian, too.

@andresdgarcia: The only Kryptonian to survive the journey was Kara Zor-El. And Earth wasn't even their original destination; that stowaway guy changed the course then killed all the crew other than Kara.

They harvested their core as a power source. No reason was given as to why they stopped their interstellar colonization project. Perhaps they were dangerously low on the fuel that powered the phantom drives, so they gave up on expansion. No reason was given for the failures of the colonies, either.

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It would totally work in the movie-verse. Kryptonians completely assimilated in the human race, but there's a dormant meta-gene. Barry Allen activates his thanks to the accident, and go from there.

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Flash isn't a metahuman... also... no....

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Could explain Wonder woman and the olympus.

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It's possible but I'd rather it not be the case

@joygirl: he isn't?

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@avenging_x_bolt: Science + Lightning bolt = Flash. Same way with both Barry and Wally.

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@joygirl: I don't get how that doesn't make him a metahuman.........

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@avenging_x_bolt: Metahuman, to my knowledge, is an actual genetic difference that you have from birth. Example: Black Alice = Metahuman. Superman = Alien. Flash = Science hero. He's as little of a metahuman as Wonder Woman is.

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@joygirl: le site disagrees:

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@avenging_x_bolt: That's stupid. "Being metahuman involves a special gene bla bla bla but oh hey, if you have a neat ring or staff, welcome to the club". I'm just gonna ignore that because it doesn't make any sense.

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@joygirl: no Hun. That's a mutant. A metahuman is pretty much anyone who gains power (barring specific magic and external tech users)

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@joygirl: metahgenes can activated via external means. An example that's comes to mind is elongated man

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@avenging_x_bolt: But it specifically describes it as being like a mutant, and DC has plenty of them (Black Alice, Black Canary, Misfit). You can't be a metahuman if you AREN'T EVEN HUMAN such as say, Lobo, who is quite clearly a czarnian and not human at all. CV (and wiki as well) quite clearly explain exactly what a metagene is and how it works. Just because some idiot tacked on some nonsense to a user-edited site doesn't mean it makes sense or is true. I stand by Flash not being metahuman.

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@avenging_x_bolt: When Hal put his ring on did it activate a metagene? Answer: NOOOOO that's why he's an item-based hero, not a metahuman.

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@joygirl: we aren't talking about Hal are we? We're talking about Barry.

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@avenging_x_bolt: We're talking about metahuman being a blanket term, and according to the wiki YOU linked, Hal falls under the category as well. And we both know damn well that when he takes that ring off he can't do anything except fly a plane really well.

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@joygirl: I never brought Lobo into it. I understand the difference between aliens and metahumans. I'm talking about the flash who speciffically fits the parameters if a metahuman. Their are plenty of metahumans who had their metagenes activated via external mean (the aforementioned Black Canary included).

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@avenging_x_bolt: You used a source to back up your claim with obviously bad information. And yes, metagenes can be activated; as you said, Elongated Man shows this. But that was never the case with Flash. The experiment gave him the powers, and the same experiment gave Wally the exact same powers, no metagene required. It's a legacy power connected to the speed force, it doesn't have anything to do with the activation of a special type of genetic. Flash is as not-a-metahuman as Hal (a human with a ring) and Lobo (a czarnian) are, because his genetic makeup is not involved. He's a human with a connection to the Speed Force.

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@joygirl: my apologies, for postin an inaccurate link. I maintain my position of the Flash either way

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@joygirl: does actually care about how many posts they leave? Lol

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@joygirl: Lobo isn't a me thumb he is an alien and Hal is a guy with a magic ring not a meta human

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@z3ro180: she understands that, she was making a point

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@joygirl: @avenging_x_bolt:

This topic (what is a "True Metahuman") came up a little while ago in the Mutants vs DC Meta-humans thread. I'll simply repeat what I said there in the hopes that clarity is the outcome:

You're both right actually. Humans in the DCU born with a Metagene are "true" Metahumans. Aquaman, Black Canary, and Jesse Quick as just a few examples. World governments, Espionage agencies (like the D.E.O. & Checkmate), and media outlets often use the term "Meta" as a blanket description to describe any super-powered being operating on Earth, with or without a pronounced Metagene.

Hope this helped.;P

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@heraldofganthet: it would've if you had stated it a bit earlier lol thanks for the thought though.

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@heraldofganthet: That works. But for the specific purposes of this thread my point still stands. Flash is not a genetic metahuman and therefore his powers should not be influenced by kryptonian ancestry.

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it would've if you had stated it a bit earlier lol thanks for the thought though.

Yeah. But in my defense, I had just logged on before I found this thread! Glad I could help (lol)!

@joygirl: No argument there. It's just that a lot of people (especially those who are primarily Marvel fans) get confused by the actual classification of Metahuman (which you've accurately explained, by the way;), and the blanket i.e. generic term "Meta" used by those in the DCU media, and governmental agencies as a catch-all to describe what's out of the ordinary.

On the bright side though, at least (among the Flash family) Impulse and XS are "true" Metahumans (*teeheehee)!

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