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hey all,

I'm looking for a colorist to work on my own fan comic 'Superman: Order of the President' #3.

The first issue was colored by myself (it can be read here: [url][/url]) and had a readership of over 3000 (check out this review: [url][/url]). The second issue is a major step up artistically and being colored by another talented colorist found on these forums!

To move the process along I'm hoping to get someone else to work on #3, the final issue, since a third of it is already ready for coloring.

This work is entirely not for profit; it is fanfiction with pictures if you will.

The workload totals roughly 15-17 pages but if anyone could do just a few pages that would be great too. Any style of coloring is welcome be it heavy rendering, cut-edge or minimalist. I'm just looking for someone who can do maybe 1-2 pages a week and enjoys working on the Man of Steel for fun!

Below are some pages from issue 2 which best represent the level of artistry.

Please email me at or reply to this post if you're interested, thanks for looking!

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