Color me slightly confused...

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So at the end of MARVEL's nightstalkers #4, this page appeared, hannibal King sitting infornt of you know who's grave stone...was this the same time when superman died in DC? as a reminder or something?

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Nightstalkers #4
it does sound extremely likely...

the issue you're referring to was printed in December of 1993...

which was the same month that issue 75 of Superman came out which completed the "Death of Superman" arc...

Superman #75
so having Marvel make a tribute does sound pretty likely, i can't see it being just a coincidence, especially with the tomb stone lol

i'll ignore the fact that the tomb stone buries Clark Kent and Superman / Kal-El at the same time which never happened in the Superman comics, but it's damn close enough lol

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Possibly for Marvel Readers to know who their talking about, or hinting at.

anyways thanks.

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yeah, that could be it...

i mean, Clark Kent had his own funeral in a different storyline lol but during the Death of Superman arc, Supergirl impersonated Clark so "Superman" could save him... then Jimmy took a photo of Lois hugging the both of them


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