Classic Superman fights against his enemies

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Does any know any Stories where Superman fights his enemies from his rouges gallery. I'm a guy who likes heroes fighting against there actual classic enemies (i.e. Flash vs Mirror Master, Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd etc.) rather than fighting new enemies who are introduced just for the story.


Superman vs Brainiac

Superman vs Mongul Sr. (Also can anyone tell me where this scan is from?)

Superman vs Mongul Jr.

Superman vs Metallo

Superman vs Metallo (Secret origins)

I preferably would like to see Superman fighting against Metallo, Parasite, Mongul, and Atomic Skull.

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@ShowboatingPenguin: see brianiacs body is it like a cloned body that he down loads his mind into or is it like a teminator kind of body. Metal skeinton with green flesh on it.

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