Can you name the actors who have played Supes?

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Hey guys, I thought this was pretty fun, so I thought I would post. Note there are hidden answers?
Superman Quiz

#2 Posted by inferiorego (22819 posts) - - Show Bio

George Reeves, Christopher Reeves, Dean Cain, Brendon Roth

#3 Posted by Matches (254 posts) - - Show Bio
inferiorego said:
"George Reeves, Christopher Reeves, Dean Cain, Brendon Roth"
does tom welling count? or is he just clark kent
#4 Posted by The Avenging Angel (56 posts) - - Show Bio

Christopher Reeve,  Brandon Routh, George Reeves, George Newbern, Tim Daly, Dean Cain, Danny Dark, Beau Weaver, Tom Welling, Yuri Lowenthal, Gerard Christopher.

lmao....I was actually able to guess ALMOST ALL OF THEM (I didn't get Danny Dark and Beau Weaver)....but I knew all the others ;)

#5 Posted by aghhhhhhh! (2 posts) - - Show Bio

you forgot john thames newton....superboy in the 90's tv show before tom welling

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