Can Superman run on water?

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We all know he's almost as fast as the Flash. But can he run on water? How fast do you have to run to be able to run on water? I don't think I have ever seen him run on water before. Even when he raced the Flash, when they got to a body of water, he swam it instead of running on top of it like the Flash. I could be wrong. So can he?

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To avoid sinking in water, you need to generate enough thrust to push the water with your steps....I amsure Supes could generate thrust, the man moves at light speed on occasion

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The only way to answer this question is using ABC logic.

#4 Posted by Charlemagne (7039 posts) - - Show Bio

He did in All-Star Batman and Robin for what its worth.

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Yes. He actually runs on water with Wally West in a animated series, but i dont remember which one( maybe superman adventures ).

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He is capable of it, not many occasions when he'd actually need to tho since he can fly and he doesn't have to worry to much about drowning since he can hold his breath for days

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That would be a yes...

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Yeah, he's done it before (at least in the Post-Crisis continuity).

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A human would have to run roughly 68 miles/hour to run on water. So yes, Superman could easily do this

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Why would he when he can fly?

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@The Last Arashikage: what are those scans from

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@Z3RO180: It's been a while since I've read it, but I believe it was one of the All-Star Batman and Robin issues.

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@The Last Arashikage said:

He did in All-Star Batman and Robin for what its worth.

I thought everyone agreed that comic was non-existent.

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Are you kidding? Even the Whizzer can run on water. And he's a speedster that can only run at 100 mph.

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Of course he can. Superman’s fast enough for that and even if he wasn’t, he could have emulate water running with his levitation ability.

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Based on a average persons weight I believe 70 mph is all it takes to run on water so I don't see Superman struggling to do it.

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Superman is FTL. Of course he can run on water

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