Can Star Wars Lightsaber cut superman?

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Or adamantium?

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We don't know.

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that is a good question actually ?

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@Eternal19 said:


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There are steel alloys that can resist light sabers, which are pretty much solid laser vision

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@TheCrowbar said:

We don't know.

This. Personally I'd like to think neither could though, at least not as easily as they do most materials in their respective universe.. I'd like to think that superman's molecular make up is to dense and charged up with solar radiation to be easily penetrated by either one.

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Some incarnations of Superman have survived being close to or even INSIDE the Sun. I think he'd resist a lightsaber.

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Adamantium, with enough force, it will cut Superman. Wolverine's own strength, though, won't be able to do that. The same thing goes with light saber cutting Supes. It has got to have enough force in it.

Light saber could not cut Adamantium because it is virtually indestructable.

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