Bring on bearded Superman!

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Trailers for Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated Man of Steel as well as a scene in the recent Justice League #19 have both demonstrated the potential awesomeness of a bearded Superman. I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing that he adopt this look on a more regular basis. If both Man of Steel and the New 52 were willing to dispense with the iconic and signature red trunks, how much less offensive would this change be to the character, at least for a couple of years (like the mullet of the mid-nineties, but actually cool). Heck, it would even serve to reinforce the Christological interpretation of Superman! There is absolutely no downside to this. DC, make it so.

Look upon the single best artwork of Superman from the New 52 thus far!

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I think it would be a awesome look.

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Either way would be fine for me. But since Supes is all about showing the world he is good and honest, I'm sure DC will keep him clean cut for the most part.

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Uh... no

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Yeah I'm not really down with it though it wouldn't bother me if that's what they did with the character.

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Id be happy with it. After all, it doesnt need to be permanent, its facial hair.

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Beards make everything better.

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That'd be legit.

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I.....would be happy with that.

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We need more bearded superheroes, I feel underrepresented!

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I like the look but it shouldn't be that way for more then an arc or two at a time.

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It would look cool for a year or 2.

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It would definatley be awesome and he looks great with a beard though it might be tough to explain to some people why Clark Kent and Superman grew a beard at the same time lol

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If he gets a beard, while you're at it, give him long hair too!!!

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Every superhero looks bad-ass with a beard.

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