Best Superman comic books

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I really dig this character, but I don't really know which comic books are good and showcase his abilities well. So I would really appreciate if some more experienced readers could point some good ones. Preferably from 2000 up and his most powerful, most badass ones. I enjoy extremely strong characters and I guess I can't go wrong with Superman.

All help appreciated!

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i would strongly advise picking up grant morisson's All Star Superman (available in 2 volumes, or now i one big collected editon i think).

it is widely considered one of the best, is quite modern, features numerous villains, etc...

it is a great read, can't really go wrong with that one.

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- All-Star Superman (DON'T skip it)

- Secret Identity (best Elseworlds)

- Kingsomw Come ( Not just about him but he is badass in this)

- What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & The American Way (classic)

- For The Man Who Has Everything (another classic)

- For Tomorrow

- The Death and Return of Superman

- Up, Up and Away!

- Last Son / Brainiac

- New Krypton

- World Of New Krypton

- War of the Supermen

- Secret Origin

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i would also add A Superman For All Seasons. it's my fave origin story.

some people don't like the art, i like it though :)

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