Anyone else a little confused by Action Comics?

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Ok, so I find it kinda jumps around a bit and can be hard to understand at times. For example in issue 11, there is a point where he (Supes) is in his t-shirt costume then like the next page he is in the full Kryptonian armour talking to Batman! WHAT? Can someone explain this to me please?

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He doesn't know yet how to hide the suit.

#3 Posted by derf_jenkins (548 posts) - - Show Bio

If the cover says Grant Morrison on it there is going to be a little confusion at times.

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I was confused when they had to find the kryptonite engine for the pod. It went from 1 issue being him in his jeans and a t-shirt to being in space the next on a completely different storyline then back to the normal one the next issue.

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@derf_jenkins said:

If the cover says Grant Morrison on it there is going to be a little confusion at times.

plain and simple.

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Jim Morrison/Grant Morrison..... The Morrison's are very confused and confusing characters :P

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Honestly, I think that this is as straight-forward as Grant Morrison gets. Granted, I've read a lot of Morrison. I've read his absurdist take on Doom Patrol, his Animal Man meta-fiction, the strange experiment that was his Batman R.I.P., all of the occult mystery of The Invisibles, etc., etc. etc. Action Comics is actually a pretty clear piece of Superhero work in comparison to much of his catalogue. No one is speaking in anagrams here, shaman magic isn't being referenced, and each plot has had a pretty clear problem-solution formula so far. As far as challenging Grant Morrison reads go, this is on the easier end of the spectrum.

I think part of the problem here is that readers are sometimes over-thinking things. For instance, the problem you mentioned about Superman being in his Kryptonian armor in one scene and then his t-shirt and jeans the next. I just took this to mean that he's alternating between the armor and the t-shirts much like how Batman changes bat-suits depending on the problem. Ever since he got the Kryptoninan armor, he seems to still favor the t-shirt and jeans combo when tackling more domestic problems like when he caught the child-killer. While he's used the armor in fights against other powered beings like the Captain Comet battle or when he's with the Justice League. I don't think it was supposed to mean anything more than that, but if you were expecting it to signify a jump in time or something then I can see how that might be troubling. I don't think it was meant to be, though.

I also think the pace of the book has thrown people off. Instead of building four to six issue story arcs, Action Comics has been driven by one to two issue adventures that keep on moving. He also uses emergent story telling where he throws you into a plot without much exposition. This flies in the face of most comics that build plots more slowly and hold your hand throughout the exposition so as not to lose you at any point during the plot. However, keep in mind that this is Superman in basic superhero plots. As long as you remain calm and pick up what's on the page, then you'll see that there really isn't anything here that should challenge you too much. Grant actually has given you everything you need in each issue to know what's going on, trust me. You got this. I'd be happy to explain anything else along the way.

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Grant Morrison.

You can never like anything by that guy unless you read it like 100 times...and then you realise he's a genius.

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