Any new on the Man of Steel comic ?

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So is there any new news on the Jim Lee and Scott Snyder. Since it was announced last year a NYCC (I think I could be wrong on that part) and showing us an awesome picture for the series draw by lee I haven't really heard anything about the title. So is there any new info on this title ?

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i think newsarama said may 1 2013

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@jesusdisciple001 cool thanks dude also is it called man of steel or have they changed the name?

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I'm pretty sure Man of Steel isn't official and they haven't confirmed anything yet.

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@jesusdisciple001 said:

i think newsarama said may 1 2013

May Solicitations don't have Snyder and Lee's Superman series showing up at all. I guess it'll be released in June or July to feed off Man of Steel fever. And no confirmation has been given about the title yet though I have a suspicion it'll be called Man of Steel though.

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"The newbies will get their first glimpse at Unchained in a special Superman-centric offering on Free Comic Book Day, May 4, with an adrenaline-filled, epic sequence featuring Superman busting loose and saving the day.

Lee says they'll pull back "the camera" sometimes, "showing really how this small little figure, this human-shaped character, can literally move mountains," and Snyder aims to focus on this superhero who has the power to shape the world however he wants it yet looks at humanity to be inspired himself."....YES!

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@toptom dude you have just hyped me up something awful :P

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unchained or man of steel ?

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