Ambivalence in the Accomplishment of Whole New Depths of Geekdom

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Just when I thought I couldn't find a more public way of revealing my geekhood than arriving at a sci-fi convention wearing my Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems security jumpsuit, I managed to surprise even myself.
While perusing the many informative pages here on Comicvine, I noticed a discrepancy as concerns Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen. The page had previously stated Jimmy's first appearance was in Action Comics #6. Thinking nothing of it, I sallied forth on my tour of this wonderful site.

That's when it hit me...

I couldn't just let it go.

I began to fume within my own skull. As still and calm as I may have seemed on the outside, I was seething cauldron of rage within.

"That wasn't Olsen!" I imploded. "That was a nameless copy boy! Jimmy Olsen was an invention of the April fifteenth episode of the radio program The Adventures of Superman, which came out in 1940, well after action comics issue six. Jimmy wouldn't appear in the comics until Superman issue thirteen."

My rage subsided and was quickly supplanted by fear. "Oh my GOD!" I thought. "What if some unsuspecting young student has to do a grade school report on Jimmy Olsen?"

I'll wait until you're done laughing at me before I continue.

Needless to say, I submitted my edit suggestions and the oversight was addressed. So why the ambivalence? Simple answer...I was both proud and embarrassed. Why feel embarrassed? Just stop and think about it.

If I had reacted this way to a piece of X-Men minutia, it might've seemed spastically charming. Had it been a piece of Batman trivia, my reaction would've been a little geeky, but otherwise socially acceptable. But this is Jimmy Olsen we're talking about... Jimmy freaking Olsen... I had just managed justify the cruel actions of every playground bully that gave me a wedgie in grade school. Even I wanted to kick my own ass and take my lunch money.
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can't stop laughing

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I know, ainnit?

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Is it too late to say that you are my hero?

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Slinger said:
"Is it too late to say that you are my hero?"


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