Action Comics v. Superman

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Although I know for the most part this is pure speculation, but what do you think will happen to the Superman books post-He'l on Earth? Even though I appreciate both books thus far (Action since #1, Supes since #0), I'm conflicted with which one I should get regularly on my pull (and don't say Snyder and Lee's because I know I'll get that, too). It'd help to know the character dynamics and concepts each respective book will deal with. I know its hard to say before the crossover's end, but any guesses on the particular content each will emphasize, with Action becoming more in sync continuity-wise?

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Action comics

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@Stormbox: Where's that first image from?

@ampm1789: Diggle has said that his run will fall in with the present continuity of the New 52. And that after a few tie ins to the post H'El on Earth stuff, Diggle will have stories of his own to tell.

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@Lvenger: It the varinat cover to action comics 15

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I like the Superman run better, but I think both are pretty bad.

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