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Superman attempts to stop Zod from ordering Commander Gor from executing the Labor Guild prisoners. Superman convinces Zod that he can stop the situation from escalating through peaceful means and Zod agrees. Before entering Superman allows himself to be blasted with the red solar energy of an Archer rifle, which negates his powers for thirty minutes and enters the Galla where Labor Guild leader, Tam-Or, is keeping the provisional government captive among them is Superman's aunt Alura.

Tam-Or says that due to the Earth’s yellow sun there is no need for rest or food and that the Labor Guild has been working nonstop since they got on New Krypton. They want time to rest and see their families. There is also an unknown disease that is affecting the Labor Guild, even though that shouldn't be possibly, and they want the Science Guild to find out why. Finally, they want a representation on the new Science Council being formed. Alura agrees to the first two requests, but points out that the Labor Guild has never had a seat on the Science Council in Kryptonian history, to which Superman points out that this is New Krypton. Alura finally agrees to consider the third demand if the Labor Guild agrees to stand down.

The Labor Guild surrenders and sets down their weapons. Superman has resolved the situation peacefully before General Zod's deadline. Commander Gor, having not received orders to stand down shoots his rifle towards Tomar-Or. Supergirl ends up catching the bullet, which finally ends the Crisis.

As the Comic concludes Superman man sees Green Lanterns Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Sodam Yat up in the sky. Hal states to Superman “We need to talk”.

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