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Following the events of the "New Krypton" crossover, the Man of Steel has had to embrace his past to ensure humanity's future. And while a devastating armed conflict with Earth may have been averted, keeping the peace will be Superman's greatest challenge yet. Hot new writer Andrew Kreisberg (BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL) and fan-favorite artist Pete Woods (ACTION COMICS, SUPERMAN: UP, UP AND AWAY!) lead Superman through a world of interstellar treachery and deadly machinations where the lives of two races hang in the balance!

Superman has left Earth.  He flies to New Krypton and is greeted by General Zod's men.  They tell Superman the General wants to see him right away.  Superman says Zod can wait and flies over to see his aunt, Alura.

Alura is surprised that Kal-El has returned so quickly.  He tells her that he thought about her offer to stay on New Krypton and he accepts.  She is happy but tells him he has to let go of his grudge against Zod.  Superman reluctantly agrees, wanting to be with his people.  When he asks about Kara, Alura tells him she's running an errand for her.  She then tells him he must decide on a Guild.  Superman says since his father was a scientist, he figured that was where he'd have to go.  Alura reminds him that his mother was part of the Labor Guild before marrying Jor-El so he can choose whichever Guild he likes.  Superman says he'll need time and goes to see what Zod wanted.

Flying with Alura's personal page Tyr-Van, Alura tells Superman he can use him for as long as he wants.  Flying around, Superman sees the different Guilds in action and realizes that members of the Labor Guild are simply glorified slaves.

Making his way to Zod's place, he is given a hard time and told that Zod is busy.  Superman insists on seeing him.  He is then attacked by Non.  Superman quickly defeats him, reminding all that he has had years of experience with his powers.  Zod agrees and tells Superman he'd be a great asset to the Military Guild in training the defenders of New Krypton.  Superman tries looking for Chris (Lor-Zod) but Zod tells him he is none of his concern.  He tells Superman to think about his offer.

Back with Alura, Superman tells her the whole Guild system is wrong.  He refuses to choose one for himself.  She tells him then he will have to accept the one chosen for him.  He then finds himself being welcomed to the Military Guild by Zod...

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