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The second World's Finest.

Not impressive. I expected more from this series.

When I read comic Superman\wonder woman #2 and my first thought:"You are seriously, DC? It is not romance. It's friendship. No more."

After I read the first comic I thought the second one will be better than the first.But my opinion was wrong.Boring and predictable. The only advantage of this comic in my opinion is the appearance of Zod.

Chemistry in a relationship this "pair" was not before, no and now.

Even the villains is much more interesting, than these two heroes.

Posted by Superwondy

Totally agree with you.

Posted by ScarletTanager
Posted by Vampire1

@superwondy: I agree. Sucks and most boring "couple" in comics.

Posted by Saint_Wildcard

Disagree entirely.

Posted by InkInk

I think the series is off to a decent start so far its entertaining but I will agree that there is no chemistry between Superman and Wonder Woman even when you make a book to show it off there is none.

Just shows that this pairing will not be around forever give it a year maybe one more before its over.

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haters gonna hate

Posted by GuardianHuman

I agree.Antagonists much more interesting of these two protagonists.

Edited by Sovereign91001
Posted by LoisLaneKent
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Posted by BlackRaven

I agree. Comic Superman / Wonder Woman is the most stupid, boring and pointless.

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    DC, when you cease to deceive fans saying that between Superman and wonder woman love?In their relationship no even chemistry.Produce this comic pointless, because: In solo and team comics Superman wants to be with Lois and even submit her on the place of Diana (he even represents Lois in a suit Wonder Woman).As it was already mentioned above, in they relationship is no chemistry. The most boring "pair" of comics.This comic has no logic. When I learned that gather to produce this comic about a "...

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