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A size comparison: Deluxe: 7" X 10.88" Facsimile: 10" X 13.25"

Original story published in "All New Collectors' Edition" #56.

When this book got reissued for 2010, there was two editions released on the same day: (1) The Deluxe Version and (2) The Facsimile Edition.

There are a few differences between the two books. The Deluxe is smaller at 7" X 10.88", has an afterword by Jenette Kahn as well as a Sketchbook section for Neal Adams notes and a spread of the full wrap-around cover. The Facsimile edition does not have the afterword and the sketch section, but was reprinted as a hardcover of the original sized of 10" X 13.25". There is also a significant price difference, the Deluxe carries a cover price of $20, while the Facsimile carries a cover price a $40 cover price for less content.

The trade offs are content over size. The Deluxe has more features to it, so it is more like a home DVD, while the Facsimile is like watching a movie in a theater, bigger and better experience with a high ticket price and you don't go home with special features.

Both versions are still in print, it is possible that one of them will go out of print. Likely The Facsimile, since it feels more like collectors items over a practical item.

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