Supergirl in Superman Vs Aliens

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ok, just to clear this up quickly...

allthough there was a girl in Superman Vs Aliens who was called Kara, and was a 'Kryptonion'... this was not a supergirl...

i'll be removing the Supergirl appearence from this volume as the girl, Kara, was not going to be related to supergirl for any storyline... she was a child from Argo City, remarkably similar storyline to Kara Zor-El, though this supergirl never made it to earth, and never took on the name Supergirl...

sorry peeps, just thought it's edit this for accuracy :)


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Can someone please remove Supergirl from Superman Vs Aliens... for some reason i can't figure out how to do it...

i'm tired, need sleep... only Caffene and Nicotine are keeping me up...

i'll do some mroe work on the Supergirl page tomorrow ok?

please, someone? Anyone?


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I did it but it has to be approved

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i really need to figure out how to do all the stuff on the profiles :)


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