leadervladimir's Superman Unchained #5 - A Place Between review

Good Story

Scott Snyder continues to impress us with Superman: Unchained. His interpretation of Superman is one of the best so far. I personally like how he is able to keep balance between his Superman and Batman works. This chapter continues the uneasy alliance between Superman and Wraith. Also, Lois is captured by Ascension and confronts its leader, who tells something shocking about Lois's father. A third story occurs during Clark's childhood, where we see how Clark developed his powers.

The Good

I like the story's pacing and I'm interested to see how will it all work out. Considering the interactions between Superman and Wraith, Snyder continues to develop their alliance. Wraith also makes Superman consider the idea of outliving everyone he cares about and how he should consider the possibility of being a soldier like him. We should all know this will lead to a final confrontation between the two.

The subplots were great. We get to see details about Ascension and how General Lane is related to it. Also, the childhood moments are nicely connected to the main story.

I can never get enough of Jim Lee's art. Dustin Nguyen was a bonus too.

The Bad

What happened to Lex and Jimmy? I guess we'll have to wait for next month to know.

The Verdict

Superman: Unchained has become one of the best Superman stories ever. I hope more outstanding issues come in the next months.


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