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Batman's Input

This was a series that I was much looking forward to, as with Jim Lee being my favourite artist, and Scott Snyder being one of my favourite writers of recent times I wanted to see how they'd handle the Man of Steel. The first issue didn't disappoint, and I hope that the series continues to amaze me.


After Superman stops a terrorist attack in Dubai he goes to Batman for help with one of the broken satellites.


This was a brilliant issue, but not quite as good as the first issue. Scott Snyder did a fabulous job on this issue, and the series overall is shaping up nicely, and although there isn't a great lot between this issue, and the first I felt I was slightly too generous with the first. Snyder does however do a great job with the dialogue, and thought boxes, and I loved how we got some analysis from Superman during his mission. It also had some amazing action near the start, and an interesting encounter between Superman, and Batman. It also had plenty of development for the future of the story/series, and although this slowed the issue down slightly it helps it overall, and I look forward to seeing how it develops.

The art from Jim Lee was once again phenomenal, and his art never fails to amaze me. The detail is simply superb, with next to no imperfections, and unlike the last issue that had one panel that didn't appeal to me, this entire issue appealed to me art wise. The action was also handled perfectly, adding a brilliant atmosphere to the issue, as well as excitement. The layout is also wonderful, adding more drama, as well as giving the issue some tone, and depth. I also loved the amazing Batcave that Lee drew, as well as the outstanding facial expression that showed exactly what the character's were feeling. The inks from Scott Williams, and colours from Alex Sinclair were also brilliant, making Lee's art look even more amazing.

The addition of Batman was nice, and with me being a huge Batman fan I really enjoyed seeing him feature in this story. I do however question if this is too soon, as with Snyder also writing Batman it's convenient to add him into this series. I did however love the new suit that Batman was wearing, and love the implications it holds towards Superman, as it's a different way of preparing for a rogue Superman. The discussion between the two was also amazing, feeling very natural, with the characterisations being spot on.

The lack of the other Superman like being, Wraith was however a bit disappointing, as with his introduction in the last issue I was hopping to see more from him in this one. It does however leave him for latter in the story, as there appears to be a lot going on, and it all needs set-up, so it's not easy to show everything, and not showing this will add much more suspense than not showing something else. I do however look forward to seeing Wraith, and Superman square off, and I'm sure that Snyder will handle it perfectly.

Lex Luthor would once again make an appearance in this issue, but it was the appearance of General Sam Lane that interested me the most in this issue. The interaction between Superman, and Lane was brilliant, and the emotion in Superman was perfectly handled by Snyder. I also loved how like usual nothing is easy when it comes to getting information from Lane, and the tension between the two character's was amazing. Luthor's actions in this issue were also interesting, but I'll say no more, as not to spoil anything.

This issue yet again had a two page Epilogue story at the back. This one was once again written by Snyder, with art from Dustin Nguyen, and would show Batman contemplating destroying his suit that stops Superman from seeing him. The art once again wasn't amazing which is a shame, as I know Nguyen can do better. It was also again a little unnecessary, but it does make me question whether we'll see Batman, and Superman square of in this series, with Batman using this suit, which I'd love to see.

Final Verdict

This was a brilliant issue, and the series is certainly looking good. It was however slightly slow in places spending too much time developing things, and although that will help the story as a whole, it doesn't help this issue much. The issue did however have some interesting, and exciting action, as well as an appearance from Batman, and the developments have me intrigued as to what will come next. I would highly recommend this issue, as although it's slightly slow it is shaping up to be one of the best Superman stories in the New 52 so far, if not the best.

Rating: 4/5

Posted by Cyclops4President

Great Review!

Posted by johnkmccubbin91
Posted by Raw_Material

Nice review, I'm liking the variant covers to this issue. Very old-school like how they made the Silver Age comics.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@raw_material: Thanks. Yes it is very old-school, and Paquette's done a great job.

Posted by Lvenger

Very nice review mate! I agree that it's not as good as the first but it's still a brilliant read! Just read it and reviewed it myself so I thought I should check yours out!

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@lvenger: Thanks very much, and will check your review out.

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