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Superman Unchained #2 review

Issue number two of Scott Snyder and Jim Lees Superman Unchained is quite fantastic. Not only is the art top notch (as to be expected from Jim Lee) but the way Snyder portrays his Superman is rather refreshing as it shows us just how smart Superman really is. It details His (Superman) thought process as to how to deal with problems and how methodical and calm he acts under pressure. There Is also a nice little cameo from the caped crusader and along with the new villain that just puts the cherry on this already awesome cake. In a much shorter note you should definitely pick Up Superman Unchained #2

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    Okay this is the 3rd time I'm making this review. I found the book too be very well written. I've also found the Batman cameo to highlight the friendship between the two. The development was good and gave us insight into Superman's mind. Which isn't something I often see but that might be because I'm not as big of a fan. I recommend this issue....

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