cyclops4president's Superman Unchained #1 - The Leap review

Superman unchained: Snyder seemed to have left a few chains on

1. Cover art: 4.5/5

I LOVE Jim Lee! He is the reason I fell back in love with comics. I LOVE Superman, especially when he is drawn by Jim Lee. This cover is definitely unique with that Jim Lee flair, but in a previous post, I stated I would never give a full 5/5 when I believe the artist, even as great as Jim Lee, phones it in with the feet! WHY DO THEY NEVER DRAW THE FEET! Please, draw a great cover and include the feet, stop masking it in rubble, or smoke, or water, or whatever, draw the feet, and earn the 5/5.

2. Story: 2.5/5

Everything started off so well! Superman scrambling to stop a MASSIVE structure from space crashing into Earth like a nuclear bomb, all why saving the astronaughts on-board. Then, boringsville! The interactions with Jimmy Olson and Louise over the phone was a total waste of space and my time. For a launch off issue, I'm sure people who don't appreciate Jim Lee the way I do will abandon this book soon if it doesn't get more interesting. The Interaction with Lex seems forced and out of place, what was the point of it? It didn't fit in anywhere other than an instance where Superman saved an object falling from the sky, we already got that in the opening stanza! Anyway, the book wraps up with an image of a "Superman-ish" type of character with an unusually large right bicep, with red lightningish detail that is either part of his uniform, or his restraints, I'm unsure. Either way, I'm unimpressed for a regular book, nonetheless a start off issue #1 book. Let's hope it gets better.

3. Issue art: 4/5

There are highs and lows in this. The poster included is awesome! Jim Lee is all about great big splash pages. That is what I ink he loves. The mundane, sitting in the chair and talking with Olson types of panels...not so great. I can tell that he doesn't like drawing these panels and hurrys through it. That being said, Jim Lee's hurried work is better than most.

4: overall verdict, Lee carries this book with his art, Snyder better get better or else this will really flop right off my radar as well as other Superman fans.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Great review although I loved this comics a lot more than you did, but each to their own : )

Posted by TheCannon

Good review. I share the same thoughts.

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