starkiller809's Superman Unchained #1 - The Leap review

The Superman We've Been Waiting For

The Good

Jim Lee's art is fantastic as always. The details he adds in every panel allows the reader to look at everything again. There is also a foldout page and the detail is astonishing. Lee also makes everything, even sitting in a chair, look absolutely epic and you'll never get bored looking at the pages. Dustin Nguyen adds his skills in the backup of this book and it contrasts Lee's epic scope. This isn't a bad thing. Instead, he uses shadows to create two pages of suspense. The art alone makes the book worth the extra buck. Scott Snyder nails Superman and his supporting cast. Clark is portrayed as a caring hero in the first few pages we see him. The internal dialog during the scene where he is trying to reassure astronauts that everything will be alright is probably the best written scene from a Superman comic in The New 52. Snyder puts Superman in massive action and really pulls the reader in. When Lois appears in this issue, she is instantly likable. Again, probably the best written scene for Lois Lane in the New 52. Snyder also adds a lot of history to The New 52, but does so in a way that readers will know it will affect the future of this series

The Bad

The foldout page looks and feels a little fragile, but it's nothing to turn off readers.

The Verdict: 5/5 (Perfect)

I've been reading Superman since the beginning of The New 52, and didn't care all that much for the character. Scott Snyder and Jim Lee manage to make me care for this character more in one issue then I have in the entire series of Superman. If you want to get into Superman for any reason, this is the issue you should go to. It's refreshing to see these characters in a story that actually makes you excited and want to read the next issue. Highly recommend everyone pick this up.


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