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Third time is a charm on this one 0

After 2 previous creative teams the book was one of the weakest tittles I picked up every month (DC’s most iconic hero doesn't deserve such bad stories) so now here is my question, is this really Scott Lobdell? Because if it is then I’m pretty shocked and glad he is doing such a great job with the first issue of his run on superman. Making this creative team change a very nice welcome as not only it reminds me that this book can have good stories, but is a good prelude to the superman crossover ...

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Intro/Prelude/Confusion 0

News recently broke out that Clark Kent was going to quit the Daily Planet. I'm fairly certain that will draw some attention to a comic book. It also happens to be the debut for the writer and artist on the book. Between these two details, I would think that it is safe to assume that we are going to get a general introduction to all things Superman in this book and how the creators are going to go forward with things from here.When introducing new readers to a book, it is important to introduce ...

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Superman: Still a Broken Concept 0

Soooo... I picked this issue up because I just couldn't contain my curiosity about the He'l on Earth storyline. Sadly, I regret my lapse in judgement. Don't get me wrong, I think that Scott is a great writer and I have been vastly enjoying his Red Hood and Teen Titans titles! I think it just goes to show how hard it is to write for Superman because I still am not enjoying this character.The GoodI like the characters written by Lobdell and I like the way they relate to one another and the way the...

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PIcked it back up! 0

The GoodSo I did drop this book after Issue Nine but once I heard Lobdell was writing it and Rocafort was doing the art it was like O.O YES! So last week I went and picked up the Annual and Issue 0 and I loved the things I saw! Then I picked up this issue and was very happy with what I read. I loved what I read. I am very interested with this H'el character he looks as if he is wearing Superman's Pre-52 costume with the speedo. But then he also looks like a Prime and Bizzaro mix so I am very exc...

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Kryptonian Mysteries 0

I have overall been disappointed with this Superman series but that ends now. I wasn't too sure if Lobdell would bring this series back to life and was starting to get doubtful after the Superman Annual #1 he wrote, but as of last months zero issue, and with Rocafort's art he has really taking this series up a few gears. I was happy and sad when I saw Rocafort was doing art on this series, happy because he was doing art on this series but sad because he would no longer be doing art on the Red Ho...

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A Superman I Like 0

Scott Lobdell seems to have found an appealing angle for Superman in the New 52. I like the Silver-Age take he gave to the character on this issue, and I hope it becomes a permanent thing. The shamelessly strong Superman is pretty awesome.Please check my mini-review of Superman #13 here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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Superman #13 0

THE GOOD: Kenneth Rocafort does an amazing job on this book. His style isn't what you would picture on Superman, but it instantly increased the enjoyment of this series from past issues. The amount of details he adds to the characters and the backgrounds creates the setting. The sketchiness of his work is also another great reason he is already rocking this book. Scott Lobdell being on this book might worry some, but it turned out to be quite fun. He starts off by showing us that Superman is sup...

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