etragedy's Superman #88 - The Toughest Job in the World / The Dog who Loved Superman! / The Terrible Trio! review

While no one was looking, D.C.'s artists were upping their game..

Prior to the 1950s often all the art, pencils and inks for a comic were done by one artist. Which led to many distinctive styles, but at a cost of time - no one artist could devote as much time to a given comic. But by the 1950s we start to see many more comics with an art team, one penciler and one inker. 
With only the job of inking, inkers were able to spend more time adding depth and shading to the comic panels - which led to richer art all around. Take the story 'The Terrible Trio!' in Superman #88. Stan Kaye uses cross-hatching, scraping, varied line weights and a bunch of other techniques on Wayne Boring's pencils to make one of the most visually interesting Superman stories to date.
Sadly, the writing had become fairly routine, such as this story - a team-up of Luthor, The Prankster and The Toyman, which could have been incredible, but despite having 3 villains, was rather unremarkable and felt like a seen-it-before type affair.
 -Etragedy, Comicvine's original back issue reviewer!

Edited by CrazyScarecrow

This is the oddest trio I have ever seen. Lex, Toyman, and Prankster. I could see Joker, Toyman, and Prankster being a trio, but having Luthor is just odd.

Edited by etragedy

@crazyscarecrow I think they did it because they were the 3 biggest Superman villains at the time. Joker had never been in Superman comics yet. It's kind of like the Sinister Six for Spider-Man - makes no sense why those 6 would team up.

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