misnumbering problem?

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I started rereading the first volume of Superboy today and I've run across a problem that I'm hoping someone can help me with.  At the end of Superboy #5 he is rushed to what I'm assuming is Cadmus for medical care because he is suffering from the Clone Plague the issue is to be continued in Superman: Man of Steel #35 so I go to read that issue but the problem is that there is no Superman: Man of Steel #35.  It seems that after issue 34 the book has a numbering problem and the next issue is another issue 28 and 29 then the numbering resumes at issue 37.  Now I read the duplicate #28 and it's a Worlds Collide tie in with no appearance from Superboy.  So my question is:  Where does Superboy #5 continue at?

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It's probably because Man of Steel #35 is the first part of a 14 issue crossover that Superboy #6-7 is a part of.

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