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The planet Krypton is about to explode; Jor-El, leading scientist on the planet knows this terrible truth and decides to send his son to planet Earth to save him. The boy is Clark Kent, who grows up in a farm in a town called Smallville. Clark Kent, then, goes to Metropolis where he saves people with his extraordinary powers; but he soon finds that his identity must remain hidden, that's when he becomes Superman: The Man of Steel.

Story Titles

  • Book One: It is divided into three sections:
  1. Prologue: From Out The Green Dawn. Jor-El sends his son Kal-El to planet Earth
  2. Chapert One: The Secret. Jonathan Kent tell his son, Clark, about his first years.
  3. Chapter Two: The Exposure. Clark performs marvelous deeds that soon proof that his identity must remain hidden. He also meets Lois Lane while his last deed took place.
  4. Epilogue: The Super-hero. Clark and his parents design the costume that will help him keep his secret identity save and Clark chooses his super-hero name: Superman!
  • Book Two: The Story of the Century! Lois recognizes that Superman must be the same person that perform the marvelous deeds inspite of the outfit. We get to see Lex Luthor here and how he tries to get Lois attention. Superman help a woman who was robbed and also helps stop a robbery. Lois gets the task to discover who is the Superman; to do so, she throws her car into the sea and Superman helps her. They get to know each other a little better and when she's ready to hand in her story she finds out that someone delivered one already, a new reporter called Clark Kent.
  • Book Three: One Night in Gotham City... Superman goes to Gotham City to take care of a vigilante called Batman. They work together to stop the crimes perfomed by Magpie; and they both fnd out that, even though the metods they use are different, they both seek the same result.
  • Book Four: Enemy Mine... Lois and Clark are invited to a private party on Lex's privete ship; soon, the ship is kidnapped by a latin-american gang. Superman comes to action and saves the day. Lex explained that he allowed this to happen so he could meet Superman, the Mayor of Metropolis happened to be on the ship to so he orders Superman to arrest Lex Luthor.
  • Book Five: The Mirror Crack'd... Superman acuses Luthor of trying to kill him. We see that Luthor is working on making a Superman clone but the attempt is failed and the clone's body is throwed into the sea. We get to know Lucy Lois and her blidness. She tries to comit suicide but Superman was around so he saves her. Back at the Daily Planet Clark hear problems close; his clone, Bizarro, is around and is making people uneasy. They soon start a fight and Superman notices that his clone is pulverising as the fight continues, so he decides to hit him with all his strength and so Bizarro turns into dust. Miraculously the dust heals Lucy's blindness.
  • Box Six: The Haunting. Clark goes back to Smallville to visit his parents when a strange figure appears on the house kitchen. He tries to comunicate but he speaks a strange lenguage, so he touches Clark and teleports him to the past, to Krypton. He wakes up outside of the house with Lana Lang full of panic in front of him. She looks unhappy because Clark did not stay with her but she was happy to know Clarks secrets. Next day, Clarks lookf for the rocket his father showed him; the strange figure shows up again and tries to connect with Clark but Jonathan Kent stops it. Superman flies away full of thoughts, after a while he comes to the conclution that he wa born in Krypton but Earth made him who he is.

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