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Basic Red and Blue


From the original story from the Golden Age, Superman's suit was made from the cloths and blanket that he was wrapped in when he was put in his rocket when he left Krypton and was sewed together by Ma Kent. This was used as an explanation as to how Superman's suit still remained undamaged when bullets hit it or how it never caught on fire. This was used multiple times in the movies, cartoons, and TV-shows.

Variant Suits

In some issues, Superman needed to use different suits for different occasions. Sometimes for radiation, space travel, and many other reasons. Some of which are:

The Red and Blue Suits

Blue/Red Containment Suit: When Superman's powers evolved to the point that they become part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, He needed a special containment suit to hold him together as well as keeping his new powers in cheeked. When Superman's powers returned back to normal, the blue suit had been given use to other characters, namely the Strange Visitor and even Livewire.

Elseworlds/ Other Mediums Suits

The Blur Outfit from Smallville

The Blur Suits: In the last seasons of Smallville, Clark, still hiding in the shadows, has earned the name the "Red Blue Blur" as that's all what people saw when he came to the rescue. After the death of Jimmy, Clark took up a black suit and came to be known as just "The Blur." He then changed to a Red jacket and blue Leotard outfit before finally stepping out, in his "Superman" suit.

All-Star Solar Suit: Used at the end of "All-Star Superman" in which Superman wore a special suit to filter out the solar radiation given out by Solaris, however, it was easily torn apart during the fight.

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