ectoplasmic's Superman: Secret Origin #1 - The Boy of Steel review

Deja Vu

Remember Superman: Birthright? 
You should read that instead. 
The entire time I was reading this issue I kept thinking of Birthright. I thought about Mark Waid's superior writing and Leniel Francis Lu's superior art and just how Waid was able to establish a completely compelling and fresh mythology for Superman.... 
And I can't help but feel that this mini series is just completely unnecessary.  
I've heard about the Superman lawsuits and I imagine this might be a way for DC to retain their property on some level but regardless you know a character is becoming weak when DC has to re-tell the origin every few years in a fresh way. Superman just isn't interesting anymore.

I'm not sure what the consensus was on John's Green Lantern: Secret Origin storyline... Personally I loved it. I loved seeing the relationship between Hal and Sinestro and it made me really start seeing Sinestro as something more than a typical cereal box comic villain. But that storyline shouldn't give Johns the golden ticket to start writing whatever bullsh*t he wants. He did the same thing after GL:Rebirth when he did the craptacular Flash: Rebirth... It's just not warranted. 
In all fairness this issue wasn't bad. 
My problem is set squarely on how pointless this issue is and what an issue like this infers about the title character.
The art is great. I loved Frank's artwork on Supreme Power and I still like it here. Geoff Johns is still an amazing writer and he made this story fun to read.
But this isn't a story that has to be told. It's not a story I care about hearing again. So in the end it was just boring...
Skip it.


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