squalleon's Superman: Secret Origin #1 - HC review

Back To The Basics!

Geoff John's take on the origin of the Man of Steel is an action-packed, back to the basics story that unravels why Superman is a timeless,everlasting hero!

The Good

The story

Geoff Johns has already proven that he understands the world of superman in his excellent Action Comics run.

His take on the origin of the clasic hero mends perfectly with the character's latest adventures. Through the pages of this book we see how Clark was raised,his first contact with the legion of the super heroes (a very important part of Superman's past that had been forgotten ),his first days in Metropolis and the changes he brought with him,his rivalry with Lex Luthor and a huge cast of supporting character that will affect his future!

The Art

Gary Frank is one of the best Superman artists of the decade.His bright art and humble tribute to the late Christopher Reeve won the reader's heart.Also his previous collaborations with Geoff Johns gave him a great advantage in presenting the character.

The Bad

The Story

If you are looking for deeper meanings or puzzling dialogues this isn't your book.Geoff John's keeps things simple with a straight forward super-hero story that returns the character to his timeless elements.Also the story seems disconnected and you get the feeling that this story is a forced re-telling of the origin of superman just to tie better with Johns run on Action Comics.

The Art

No complains here.

Feel free to express any complaints in the comment section below!

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Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


I didn`t understand if you yourself considered the fact that Johns kept things simple, bad thing. Also, you coulda fleshed this out more, but I give you pass since this is your first CV-review.

I do like how you divided the review to these sections, and the way you wrote it.

Posted by Squalleon

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Thank you for reading my review first :-)

I put it in the Bad sector because some people like sub plots(me included).I understand this was Johns purpose but i would like something more in the story.That's why i didn't really say this was completely bad

Yeah it is a bit consice.

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