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Return of a hero

When I knew that Superman was returning to the movies I had curiosity to know how they were going to do it. Unfortunately he didn’t return as I expected.

Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) inherits a big heir from a rich woman something that gives him the possibility to be what he was in the past. Meanwhile, in Smallville, Kansas, a pod lands near the Kent farm. Inside the pod is Superman (Brandon Routh) who returns after a five years absence, when scientists said they found a possible place with Kryptonians. The return of Superman surprises everybody when he saves an airplane of crashing in the middle of a baseball stadium, and inside that airplane is Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth). The return of Superman isn’t a reason of happiness for Lex Luthor who’s planning to do something with a piece of Kryptonite he has stolen from a museum. Superman discovers that many things have changed especially Lois who’s dating Perry’s nephew Richard White (Michael Mardsen), but not only that, she has a son call Jason.

I thought the film was going to bring new things to the story but the writers didn’t squeeze their brains too much. The stupid jokes and the fool situations we saw in the first films of Superman happen here again, or characters behaving like idiots like Kitty Kowalski (Parker Posey) make these moments annoying and boring. There are things they don’t explain like when Lex Luthor was freed from jail, or, why Supeman needs a pod to go to another place of a galaxy, I always thought he just needed his powers to travel except when he’s a baby and comes to Earth. And, how did Superman and Lois had a child?

Things like the walk in the air between Superman and Lois is something that we saw in Richard Donner’s film Superman (1979). This shows that the writers never had very clear what they wanted to do with the film. A real let down for all the fans and for those who wanted to see Superman for the first time.

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