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Five long years have passed since Superman disappeared mysteriously. The crisis took the world without limits. Without Superman, crime has risen in the city of Metropolis, and that's not counting the future criminal acts of Lex Luthor. The criminal has left prison with a clear plan: using Superman's technological secrets for his glory and benefit.

Lois Lane, star reporter for the newspaper "Daily Planet", and true love in the life of Superman, has resumed his life after the sudden disappearance of five years of Superman. He left without saying a word. Lois even won a Pulitzer Prize for his note "Why the World Does not Need Superman". Now the journalist is engaged to the nephew of the editor of "The Planet" and has a young son, Jason, to look after. For Superman on the other hand, the search for a place in the universe ends when he returns to the Kent farm, the only family he knew. But finally he returns to Metropolis. There, just look into the eyes of Lois Lane, he knows he is in the right place, among people full of defects, but in the end, good people. Undoubtedly, the Earth is his true home. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor has a plan to be carried out just now that Superman has returned.

The world needs the Man of Steel more than ever.

Superman was born on a planet that long ago no longer exists. A couple of farmers, the Kent´s, who live in a small farm in the state of Kansas, adopt him. The child's name is Kal-El, but they changed his name to Clark Kent, and although he grows between humans, he is not one of them. Under the influence of a yellow sunlight on Earth, Kal-El takes superpowers and can make things impossible for humans.

However, in order to live among them, he must lead a double life as if he were simply a human, without showing off his great gifts. And so, as Clark Kent, he lives like a normal person, but he transformed into the Man of Steel when the world needs.

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