zombiecomputer's Superman: Red Son #3 - Red Son Setting review

Red Son: Elseword's Best

Superman Red Son is a brilliantly written story that follows an intriguing concept: What if Superman's ship landed in the Ukraine instead of the USA?  In these three Elseworld books, Mark Millar does a fine job capturing Superman as a "big brother" Soviet and Lex Luthor as a crazed American scientist turned President.  All without choosing sides or letting any personal political opinions get in the way.  The Batman story line is fantastic as well.  In fact, if Elseworlds were to publish a Batmankoff story based on the character in Red Son, it could be equally as brilliant.  The only reason I didn't give this series five stars is because the Green Lantern character (Hal Jordan) doesn't play as big a role as I was lead to believe he would.


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