inferno45's Superman: Red Son #1 - Red Son Rising review

A Communist Superman=Bad News

This was a fantastic read with great looks at what could have been. What if Kal-El's ship had crash landed 12 hours later than it did and landed in Soviet Union Russia? Well this book tells you what! It shows characters in new lights. Superman is a communist who still fights to protect the planet but is pressured by Joseph Stalin to become leader of the Soviet Union. Lois Lane is Lois Luthor and Lex is a scientist working for Star Labs. He thinks that if Superman was an American they could have been friends. How wrong he was. This is a great story filled with action, drama, and treachery. See Superman in a new light and buy Superman: Red Son. PLUS: An alternate Batman origin.


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    I'm not a Superman fan, but I loved this book.  The book is an awesome alternate history.  It has all the main characters from regular DC in it.  Batman is fighting Superman and he is Communist! Plus, Wonder Woman is also communist, and so are all the other Amazons.  And Hal Jordan and the U.S. Marines who all have Power Rings fight Superman and Green Arrow works at the Daily Planet.  When you finish this book, you will be amazed.  ...

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