etragedy's Superman #247 - Must there be a Superman? / When on Earth... review

The GREATEST Superman Story Ever

If you polled 100 comics creators and asked them to make a top 10 list of the BEST Superman stories ever written, this one - 'Must There Be A Superman?' would probably make nearly every list.

And with good reason. This story first introduces that titular question: Must there be a Superman; a theme that, like the suggestion the Guardians of the Universe implanted in Kal-El's mind - has haunted the title ever since.

Face it, if there really was a Superman, what long-term effects would he have on society? Is someone all-powerful, that can solve all of mankind's problems, really a good thing? Or could humanity's growth in fact be retarded by such a 'beneficial' individual, regardless of his best intentions?

A story that has implications that go way beyond the genre (it's probably no accident that the first group Superman encounters on returning to Earth are Mexican immigrants), 'Must There Be A Superman' is a story that not just fans of Superman, but fans of all comic book superheroes - and even those that never normally read comics - should read sometime.

A+, and highly recommended.

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