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Superman is split into two personalities: red and blue. They are facing domestic problems with Lois. So the two of them plan to go to The Fortress of Solitude to find a way to merge together.  
Upon arriving at the Fortress, they are greeted by Dana Dearden, a.k.a. Obsession. She loves having two Supermen around her. But her joys are short-lived. Maxima arrives a brief while later to lay claim on the Supermen. 
Dana is reluctant to part with her beloved and engages Maxima in a battle. They are almost on the verge of ruining the Fortress, when Superman red pushes them outside. Then the two Supermen arrive in a mecha-suit. This distracts Dana and Maxima uses it to her advantage to implant the thought of Superman dying in Dana's mind. Dana is unable to take it and flees. 
Superman blue then plants a device on Maxima's head to prevent her from accessing her powers. She is then taken to Belle Reve to have her contained. Maxima says that the next time they meet, she will declare war on Superman.

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