Superman: Lois Lane #1

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The Good

We've seen quite a mix of different titles in the New 52. While this is only a one-shot, an over-sized issue focusing on Lois Lane is more than welcomed. Just to be clear, we get 38 pages of actual story for the $4.99 price tag. It should also be noted that this story is a little different from the solicit, which is fine. There is no Brainiac involvement here.

Marguerite Bennett gives us an interesting story. It feels like there's often been discussion and dreaming over a Lois Lane ongoing series and Bennett shows us how it could work. There are some that feel Lois is simply a reporter interested in Superman. That couldn't be further from the truth. By diving into Lois' past, we learn a little more about where her personality comes from. I can't recall ever really reading much about Lois' childhood or mother besides the fact she was an "Army brat." Bennett dives into Lois' past and fleshes out her relationship with her sister, Lucy.

That in itself would make a fascinating story but there is more. Much more.

Lois is given the chance to investigate a "story" on her own. This is something I've always longed for. We're discovering that there are other things happening in the DCU and not everything is being shown in the comics. The idea of Lois investigating different areas of the DCU and giving us the viewpoint of a non-superpowered individual would be brilliant. Bennett really shows the beauty in this.

Seeing Lois as a child was very interesting. It's great seeing a child drawn in a comic that actually looks like a kid instead of a mini-adult or a small character with a large head. Seeing the relationship between Lois and Lucy as children and adults is a great way to remind us how close they should be.

The Bad

I understand why "SUPERMAN" was added to the title but it felt completely unnecessary, as did his one-panel appearance. This story shows Superman is not needed to tell a really cool Lois Lane story.

It's likely due to the over-sized issue but four pencilers felt like too much. Some scenes, like the flashback ones, made sense to have a different penciler. Other times, the different ways Lois or others looked was a slight distraction. It was mainly evident in the inconsistency of Lois' face or jaw.

It's a minor thing but it always bothers me when a character is in another form and transforms back to human with their clothes magically appearing. Sure the transformation is stretching our sense of disbelief and I am happy there wasn't an gratuitous scenes but it always makes me chuckle a bit when it happens.

The Verdict

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I want a Lois Lane ongoing series. Marguerite Bennett gives us a great solo story focusing on how great the character is and can be out on her own adventures. The DCU is a big place and there's plenty for Lois to do. Bennett also shows us Superman doesn't have to be part of equation in giving us a Lois Lane story. The oversized format was nice in giving us more story but having four different pencilers made it a little bumpy. Let us all hope this is just the beginning of Lois Lane in the spotlight.

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Great to hear that Lois is getting the respect she deserves. Having a story all to her own allows that mainstay supporting character to be greatly fleshed out and developed in stories such as this.

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Well, that's interesting.

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I may have to check this out at some point. Thanks for the review @g_man!

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Sorry Lois but Lana has bumped you down the list in my eyes

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@Jonny_Anonymous :Pak's writing huh ? he could make fall in love wit lori lemaris

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Hmm I'm thinking about checking this out now.

And yeah, all the feminist go a little crazy on it, but it was stupid to have "SUPERMAN" plastered on the front cover. Anyone who knows Superman knows Lois Lane so they don't need that reminder. If they're in a damn comic book shop, they most likely know who Lois Lane is.

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@Jonny_Anonymous :Pak's writing huh ? he could make fall in love wit lori lemaris

haha yep

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Amazing comic. I want reading her adventures every month!!!!!

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Tony Tony Tony, as nice as it would be for Lois to have a series, I think we can all agree that the second greatest comic book character of all time (the first is Captain Marvel of course) is much more deserving of a series.

Jimmy Olsen

(But in all seriousness i would be happy if either one got a series)

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I just can't stand lois lane. Probably the most annoying character for me.

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Amazing comic. I want reading her adventures every month!!!!!

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If this ended up becoming an ongoing with Marguerite as the writer, it would be on the upper part of my pull. It NEEDS to happen.

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This was decent. I would appreciate an ongoing bur Im not sure I would commit. The art in the beginning was much nicer than the change of pace we got later in this issue, but that being said this was interesting and pretty strange.

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I loved this issue so so so so so so much. Everything I ever wanted from a Lois Lane comic. I really desperately need an ongoing now.

Moderator Online
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@mercy_ said:

I loved this issue so so so so so so much. Everything I ever wanted from a Lois Lane comic. I really desperately need an ongoing now.

I agree one hundred percent!!

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I still want a Lois comic, but it was a bit too sci fi for my tastes re: the deal with her sister. I'd sub to it and see how it goes if it were an on-going.

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