leadervladimir's Superman: Lois Lane #1 - Nostalgia review

A Day in the Spotlight

Lois Lane is one of my favorite comic book characters and I'm excited to see her be own her own rather than just be a member of Superman's supoorting cast.

In this story, Lois gets an unexpected meeting with her sister Lucy, which will lead her to a story about Metropolis' hidden side.

The Good

Marguerite Bennett did a great job in making Lois a strong female protagonist. Her family interactions are very enjoyable and makes Lois relatable to the reader. Her relationship with Lucy is a good source of drama and an ideal catalyst for this story. We also get to see Lois to act as a competent reporter working in a story that does not involve Superman. The story introduces new characters that might play a major role in future stories. I also enjoyed Superman's minor appearance at the end, just to remind us he is connected to Lois as well.

The combination of artists was unexpected but it was a major plus for this issue, highlighting the differences between the past and the present.

The Bad

We did not see Lois use her psychic powers in this story at all. The problems she faced would have been solved more easily if she had used them.

The Verdict

As a fan of Lois, this was a great issue and I expect more issues of good quality in the coming moths.


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