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No Middle issue let down

Most middle issues of limited series lull a bit.  These issues serve as a bridge from the original set up and building of tension to the climax and resolution of the story.  Being these one of these issues has a bad name for itself and I tend to go into reading them with low expectations.  However, with this series I think all the set up happened prior to Last Stand even starting.  With that said I had high hopes for a continuation of the various plot threads that had been born and developed through Supergirl #51, Superman #698    and Adventure #9  and I was not let down.  One thing that grabs you when you walk into the comic shop is that George Perez Cover.  Beautiful just beautiful.  Then you start reading and find that the  action has the same intensity of the first issue and the smooth handling of the threads that are open at this point and pulling them to the end of the series is done with def writting skills.  Robinson and Gates are a good combination!  Some people have found that Adventure's current set up is not worth reading I would point out that the first two stories and the threads lead right into this book.  Is it necessary to read that issue? No, but it does make this issue more enjoyable. 
On to the art.  Well as I mentioned before there is a beautiful cover by George Perez!  Yep, a big fan of his work from way back.  Interiors are handled by Pete Woods and Travis Moore.  With Woods inking his own work and the few pages that Moore pitches in are inked by Walden Wong.  The two art styles blend well and the transitions between them don't take away from the story. 
Woods has really stepped up his work again!  I was under whelmed by his work on World of New Krypton but this may have been due to his injured arm.  Here he has solidified my fan hood of his art.  I am truly happy that he is the regular artist coming onto Action.  The colors on the book work perfectly with the art and really add a strong dimension to this book.   
Is this perfect?  No, but it is darn close.  Only complaint was with a couple of dialogue pieces but that's it.  The Superman family of books are at a high level of action and fun.  Get on board now and follow it through to War of Supermen in May.  We have just this month with this fine crossover and it will be done.  Ending many threads that began 2 years ago with John's work in Action Comics.  What doesn't end here will end with the War of Supermen.   

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