comicbookheretic's Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #1 - Invaded review

An event 2 years in the making...

 Two years in the making and this issue was great!  The much maligned James Robinson and the up and coming Sterling Gates spin a fast paced Return of Superman story.  Big Blue is back!!   "THIS IS A JOB FOR SUPERMAN" That simple statement is truely one of the great geek moments of the week for me.
The last year in the Superman Family of books we have seen the characters that are going to play a major role in this and War of the Supermen stories put in place.  James Robinson's deft hand in developing these characters in the Superman book will see its pay off!  I am sad to see him leave before he gets the chance to really write Superman but I can see why the change has been made.  The story starts where issue #12 of Superman:WONK ended with Brainiac and Luthor attacking New Krypton.  We see that Zod has plans to deal with such an attack and his narration was fantastic.  The inevitable confrontation between Zod and Kal-el leads to the return of Superman.  AMEN!  I have missed you man!  The upgrades that Supergirl has to deal with and the arrival of Mon-el, Connor, and the Legion of Super Heroes are great scenes and keep this a fast paced tale.  Another geek moment for me was the cousin statement by Kara to Connor.  Great just great.  Under Gates Supergirl has seen some good stories and it would be nice to see a team up arc between the two of them when this and War are over.  The last page is frankly fantastic and hooked me, well I was already hook, on getting every issue of this event.   
Pete Woods' art is a huge improvement to his run on WONK.  His backgrounds never suffered but his faces and character drawing was not always good.  Here he really puts it all the pieces of the puzzle together.  (I am now excited by the news that he will be joining as artist on Action Comics new creative team)   
We can't look at the art without taking notice of the great color work  by Blond.  The color work is on level with Paul Mounts.  It adds depth and feel to this great issue. 


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