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Godfall Or God-Awful?

The Story: 

Superman is nowhere to be found on Earth. Kal-El is on Krypton and begins to manifest powers which shouldn't be happening on Krypton. He doesn't remember being Superman so this begins to confuse him. He accidentally hurts some people by using them and becomes a wanted fugitive.  

My Thoughts:

This story arc is written by Michael Turner and Joe Kelly. Both respective men in their profession who over the years have created some classic comics. However I felt their efforts on this particular comic, failed to create any type of excitement or magic. The story failed to grasp my attention. I kept losing focus and had to re-read lines more than once. That strikes me as odd since Superman is my all-time favorite character. 

One of the main points the writers tried to get across was that even though Superman may possess god-like abilities, he's still a man. A flawed man who makes mistakes just as any other man does. That itself is a great idea and concept, I just felt as though the writers could have done a better job conveying it. They could have done all that on Earth and with the help of Lois Lane instead of this Lyla character. I think it could have been more powerful if it was his real friends who were there from the beginning to help him through his struggles rather then create all these new lackluster characters.

My absolute favorite thing about this comic would have to be the art. The art is done by Talent Caldwell with the covers by Michael Turner. What makes the art standout is the extremely vibrant coloring of Peter Steigerwald. If nothing else, this book will dazzle you with its beautifully designed panels. 

I can honestly say I wouldn't recommend this. It's unfortunate I have to say that considering Michael Turner and Joe Kelly are two of my favorite comic creators. Perhaps one day I'll read this again and maybe I'll enjoy it more my second time reading it. I will say this comic retails at a very affordable price so that alone may be the selling point for readers to pick this up. However I still feel the need to caution readers before picking this up. Great artwork but not the most riveting story. 

Rating: 2/5
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