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This third issue starts off with Jimmy Olsen trying to show off his new watch to his friends which was given to him by Superman. When an alien invasion arrives he keeps pressing the button but only Super Pets arrive! Later on in the story Lois is starting to suspect Clark of being Superman so he initiates “Operation Pink” but instead of one he accidentally gets two clone Superman robots to arrive! Both of these story ideas are absolutely hilarious and are the kinds of stories that I have been wanting from this series the entire time. All of the jokes here totally worked and there were plenty of references littered throughout to other Superman media which is great for big Superman fans and even so the issue is still accessible to newcomers. This is a good place to start if you want to get into this series.

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    So we have here a very funny issue ahead so let's go:We start with Jimmy with his friends, in a conversation that ends on the city being invaded and Jimmy calling Superman with his famous watch...... but looks like he has the wrong watch.......... anyway the city is saved and Superman fixes this :P Also Jimmy has some suspicions when one of his friends looks A LOT like Supergirl.... mmmm......Then we see that Lois has a little interrogation for Clark, asking where he was at certain moments and g...

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