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Theories and Malfunctions

So we have here a very funny issue ahead so let's go:

We start with Jimmy with his friends, in a conversation that ends on the city being invaded and Jimmy calling Superman with his famous watch...... but looks like he has the wrong watch.......... anyway the city is saved and Superman fixes this :P Also Jimmy has some suspicions when one of his friends looks A LOT like Supergirl.... mmmm......

Then we see that Lois has a little interrogation for Clark, asking where he was at certain moments and getting the most possible honest answers ever....... but at some point things go too far and Clark puts on march "Operation Pink" that might look very ingenious...... but can fail too, leading to an incredibly weird (and hilarious) situation.

I really enjoyed this issue, this Lois/Clark part was hilarious indeed, very classy :D So this is a good 4.5/5 I recommend this, it's simple but sure at least will give you a smile for the day (plus kids will enjoy it greatly, two thing per one ;D)

And till Tiny Titans might not be anymore, this for me is the equal of good and fun, changing cuteness for some action that gives it an interesting route.

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