michael_rhodes7374's Superman Family Adventures #1 - Superman Family Adventures review

Good for younger readers only

I have heard some great things about this series so I jumped into it today. Superman Family Adventures is from the same creative team as Tiny Titans and as such it manages to be accessible to kids while also having quite a few references and nods for adults. The story is that three giant robots have attacked Metropolis and Superman has to stop them. Meanwhile Lex Luthor plans to use the robots to take Superman’s powers. This is very much an old school Lex with a mad scientist feel to him and overall there are just a lot of references to Golden Age Superman through lines of dialogue plus the issue as well as the characters narrate what is going on just like in an old comic book. The story itself is entertaining but basic (which is to be expected) but what there really is to latch onto is the humor which I think would be very funny for a younger audience but not quite as much for older readers. One bonus I have to give this issue though is the character Fuzzy who is a hilarious mouse. Anyway, I say this is worth a read for the kids but hold off if you are an older reader.

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