theacidskull's Superman: Earth One #2 - Volume Two review

"Man Of Steel, Woman Of Tissue Paper!"

let me Just start By saying that THIS is by far MUCH better than the first Book, don't get me wrong, it had it's moments but overall the Negative outweigh the positive aspects. Superman Earth One Vol 2 Takes all the bad elements from the First Book that were Bad and get them right this time, be Sure to remember than THIS is an different take on superman, not the main stream one ,so it should be considered that it will be different in some ways.

Well i think lets start with the characterization. I think Clark kents character in many ways was captured well, that shy awkward guy concept was still there, and you could feel that to some extent it wasn't exactly an act, and he was being somewhat himself. Then Superman, this is a bit more of a Dark take on the character because in many ways he is a different from the original, is this bad? Personally to me? no it is not. While many will disagree with me, and i respect their opinion, i think that i wouldn't have liked the story if this superman was the same as the mainstream one, see what i'd like to see in an alt take on a specific character is very simple, i want something different, i love it when superman acts like himself in general, and he does that here too, but he has a much more rough approach towards the criminals he fights, which is exactly what i want to see, otherwise i wouldn't have been superman earth one, it would have been Superman issue 12, 13, or 679. see what i'm getting at? this is why i liked the story, supermans main CORE is still here but he isn't the same , he is much much more dark.

The supporting Cast the other hand was OK , though they didn't seem to me as relevant as they should have been. Lois was shown more here, which is nice, and it was cool to see that she managed to quickly notices something ODD about clark, but i doubt that she'd Dug So DEEP based on that little Weirdness, and in the end she just let it go, which seemed silly to me considering all the risks she took to find that out. Olson didn't really do much either , he was much cooler in the fist one, which is sad because this could have been interesting, if you ask me they could have been taken out completely since they were just their for the SAKE of being there. However, I liked the ODD little twist to Clarks supporting cast. Lisa was a Nice little change from what i would have generally expected, she was different to lois lane and much more interesting in this specific case( don't assume i'm saying that she is a better character than mainstream lane though, just this version). i could have done without the prostitute reveal though, it's not bad but it;s been done to death and it's trite. Also i didn't like Lex Luthors Characterisation, i am fine with him not wanting to Kill superman or even stating that he doesn't really care about killing superman because all he has done up Until this point is Help people, but His wife basically Asking the questions and Solving the ways to kill supes was basically really Annoying, seriously, that should not HAVE been in the book.

The Villain was WAY better Though, parasite was much more interesting and cool in comparison to Teryll. He didn't just come out of nowhere and start demanding Superman to fight him , he has a motive, and some kind of origin, and the action was much better here too, he actually felt like a threat here, you got a bit worried when he was facing superman. I liked that they explained his origin as a kid, and that they gave him some emotional elements. The story was much more well executed and slow, which in my opinion is good, considering that the last one was rushed like hell. The story slowly progresses and it has the same formula , clark has problems to deal with and he is guided by his flashbacks, not directly but thats the impression i got situation wise, anyways, I liked the balance between humour and dark elements in the book, i found myself laughing out loud because of some of the things said here. And j. Michael Straczynski touches an interesting Concept here, when parasite Drains Superman he finely felt weak, vulnerable and he respected humans for the fact that they basically live under Peril all the time, because they,we can die at any moment. I really liked this because it allowed superman too see the world from our point of view. I've loved the fact that People had mixed feeling about Superman, and they didn't just blindly accept him, and i love how he has influenced Both the Citizens and the Government.

The art again is fantastic, there were panels which i though were simply amazing. Clark getting angry and letting his eyes glow is one of the best scenes in the damn book, he looks Scary, seriously scary, which is interesting, and an awesome gimmick to use against criminals. The fight scenes were of course spectacular, the story telling skills has been very well mastered by Davis, the fight was a brutal brawl and panel after panel you are flipping through the pages as if you are watching a movie. Parasites design is also very Unique too, in a way it does actually feel like a PARASITE monster, it's disgusting and monstrous, which of course is exactly how it should be. But there is one Panel where superman Punches parasite through many buildings, and while this is acceptable in movie for realism, it's a bit not that believable in comics, since parasite was weakened and superman still had the shield on, he could have utilised the speed to ground him or something like that.

All in all, this was much better than the first comic book, the characters were better executed , the villain was much more interesting, and best of all you didn't have to read the first one to read this, so i'd say skip the first one and pick this up.


recommendation: Yes

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Great review. I have a theory that Lex may change his opinion of Superman later in the next volume, and I think it may be due to his partner dying. Just my thoughts though, as this would be a great way of showing his hatred for Superman. Anyway this was another great review, and you really got it done quickly, good job.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

Great review. I have a theory that Lex may change his opinion of Superman later in the next volume, and I think it may be due to his partner dying. Just my thoughts though, as this would be a great way of showing his hatred for Superman. Anyway this was another great review, and you really got it done quickly, good job.

Thanks man :)

but when did this come out though? and is THERE going to be a third Volume? :/

Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

@theacidskull: This volume came out in October 2012 I think and JMS confirmed there will be a 3rd volume :)

Edited by johnkmccubbin91
Posted by TheAcidSkull
Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642
Posted by johnkmccubbin91
Posted by Cyclops4President

great review. all bold. easy to read.

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