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Superman Earth One, A Well Written Story

What would happen if the Man Of Tomorrow's origin was told today? As Clark is just trying to find his place in the world his life will go through many changes. As Clark Kent's origin is totally retold with a modern day perspective. Return to Smallville and Metropolis as Clark Kent goes from average farm boy to Superman of Metropolis! No need to read any current run-on Superman's series, Clark Kent will take you on the adventure of a lifetime! Writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Shane Davis, join the Superman on this amazing adventure that tells the readers about how Kal-El/Clark Kent came to Earth and became the hero we all know.

The Good

This Superman origin story was created extremely good. J. Michael Straczynski's story for Superman's current series is really capturing my attention. The Grounded Story arc for Superman is trying to make the Man Of Steel a more relatable character, this Origin story really does a good job at making him relatable. Superman begins as a young man (in his early twenties) searching for what he is to do in life. Moving from Smallville to Metropolis was a big deal for Clark in his early days. While other origin stories make Superman a bit older, I think him being in his twenties was a good move on J. Michael Straczynski's part. Seeing Clark work in all of those jobs was very interesting. Today (in Superman's modern stories), we don't really see Superman actually working or using his intelligence on different situations. In just mostly been New Krypton, alien invasion, and the dead rising. So J. Michael Straczynski really portrays Superman as a highly intelligent person. Superman could even have his own "Superman INC". Anyway, Superman Earth One was a really action packed adventure.

When Tyrell told Clark the battle between Kryptonians and Tyrell's people, there was a mysterious figure preferably Brainiac because of his hate for all living things. I am ninety percent sure that Brainiac was the one who gave them a Kryptonian drilling machine that would destroy the planet from the inside out. So that could be a signification that Earth One will have a sequel. Clark encountered many people in his life that will eventually play a key role in making the hero that Metropolis loves. Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White had minor roles, however it was still interesting to see that "Jimmy will soon be Superman's Pal, Lois will be his wife, and Perry White his annoying boss", it also turns out that Clark named himself "Superman"! Instead of Lois, so that was a really unique from the other Superman story lines. Because, Lois was the first to say "Superman" and that started the romantic spark between the two, so hopefully in the sequel graphic novel J. Michael Straczynski talks more about Superman and Lois.

With all that's been going on in Superman's career, it would be hard to remember what great minds brought Superman to existence. Writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster originally created Superman in Action Comics #1 in June of 1938. From that point, Superman has been a fan-favorite character for years. Eventually, his (and everyone else's) origin story was retold, due to the events of

Crisis on Infinite Earth

. Other more modern stories was created to relate to the newer generation of comic readers. While some don't even know the names of the two people whom created Superman they know exactly how Superman came to Earth. The baby in the rocket story never gets old, some of our most interesting "Elseworld" story lines come from this. Last Family Of Krypton, Superman Red Son, Kingdom Come, and others.

The Bad

When the story came close to an end, Superman hate was something that was really predictable.

The Verdict

Superman Earth One Graphic Novel should be a must have for readers of Superman, and also those who like J. Michael Straczyski's story telling. Superman Earth One also contains the story that Clark Kent wrote about Superman (or himself), and also artwork by Shane Davis. The writing, artwork, and story was well played in this graphic novel is a 5 out of 5. Until the next Earth One Graphic Novel.

Earth One Saga:

Superman Earth One Volume 2

Batman Earth One Volume 1

Batman Earth One Volume 2

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Posted by Silkcuts

A great review :D

Posted by Primmaster64

Awesome as always bro.

Posted by Silkcuts

I am glad you enjoyed this comic and I would still recommend your review after finally reading the book myself and reviewing it now.  I still enjoy your review, but disagree with the score.  Its a great book, strongly written, but not a perfect comic. Then again you are the bigger superman fan then me... I know I'll like the sequel, because it won't be an origin

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23
Yeah I think the score was just me. Because you know, I like Superman and a good book that is well written (correctly)
Posted by Silkcuts
@SUPER-MAN 23:  Its all good :D
I am always nervous to review after
Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Great review. Read this review when I first joined the site, and it got me re-reading it then. Now I've re-read it again I noticed that I didn't recommend it the first time round so have done now : )

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