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The Man of Steel's new relationship with the lovely Ms. Lane takes some very steamy twists and turns as SUPERMAN CONFIDENTIAL heats up! Anthony Gallo, Clark Kent's rival for the attention of Lois Lane, squares off with Lex Luthor. All this, plus the true mystery behind Kryptonite!

15 years ago a large meteorite stands in the courtyard of the rich man who is presumably a mobster. We see him killed by a woman, presumably his wife, after he has three men, including a clergyman, executed in the front courtyard. In return, she's killed by a young boy, presumably their son Gallo.

Lois and Superman over the future of their relationship.

A member of the Royal Flush Gang meets with Luthor and discusses the results of attacking Superman, and what they found to be his weakness.

Luthor realizes that Superman's weakness is his sympathy for people.

Superman talks with a polar bear about his difficulties maintaining Superman and Clark Kent.

Lex Luthor gives a presentation for "Fun Day" in Metropolis, offering a less intrusive x-ray machine for hospitals. Superman arrives, bearing a cake, and Lois gives him a card she received from Gallo.

Superman reads it at the podium, revealing that Gallo has offered to pledge his first six month's profits to pediatric care if Superman will come pick it up himself. Superman agrees to.

Jimmy, meanwhile, sees an explosion on a convoy from the Casino. Superman goes to see what's going on.

In his office, Gallo stands naked in a green glow.

Heading for the explosion, Superman's face shows fear.

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